The weekend and the holidays are around the corner and you have about as much money as Samuel L. Jackson has hair on his head. That does not mean you have to sit high and dry the entire weekend. We’ve got you covered with 100 things you can do that are absolutely free. Some are fun and others are necessary.

Fun things to do for free 

1. Play card games.
2. Play any board games for that matter.
3. Complete a crossword or Sudoku puzzle.
4. Have a movie marathon on your couch.
5. Have a cook-off competition with friends or family. You are only allowed to use what you have in the house.
6. Build a puzzle.
7. Lay on your back, switch off the lights and listen to some old music.
8. Colour, paint or draw something.
9. Try to send a personal message to as many of your social media friends as possible.
10. Read a book or magazine.
11. Write a short story or a poem.
12. Read Counting Coins.
13. Write a guest blog for Counting Coins.
14. Take a walk through your neighbourhood.
15. Take your dog for a walk.
16. Take your neighbour’s dog for a walk.
17. Meditate.
18. Do some yoga in your living room.
19. Follow new people or interests on Twitter.
20. Do some amateur bird watching. See how many different birds you can spot in your area and then Google them to learn new facts about each bird.
21. Do you still have a library in town? Go and check it out.
22. Teach yourself how to juggle.
23. Do some origami.
24. Write a letter to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
25. Skype someone who’s moved abroad.
26. Start a compost bin.
27. Start discovering your family tree. This can become very addictive. There are many online tools available to help get you started.
28. Volunteer somewhere.
29. Go and play with the animals at an animal shelter.
30. Go swimming.
31. Climb a tree.
32. Take a bubble bath.
33. If you have a console, play some video games.
34. Try some new ways to do your make up or to tie a tie.
35. Make a DIY face mask.
36. Write funny or encouraging notes on Post-its and leave them in random places for strangers to find.
37. Switch off the lights, light some candles and fry some marshmallows.
38. Expand your horizons by watching some TED Talks on
39. Study the names of all the plants in your garden.
40. Pin all your dream holiday destinations on Pinterest.
41. See how many crunches and jumping jacks you can do.
42. Try out a few different hairstyles.
43. When last did you sing in front of the mirror? You can use lyric videos on YouTube to help you.
44. Make space in the living room and just dance!
45. Make a YouTube video of yourself dancing.
46. Do some star gazing.
47. Make a DIY bookshelf.
48. Take a stroll and have a small picnic in a park.
49. If you have a good spot nearby, go fishing.
50. Have a photography competition. You can do this with friends, family or your kids. Make a list of categories. You are only allowed to take photos of things in and around the house.
51. Take some family portraits at home. You can make everyone dress up.
52. Grow your leftover vegetables into plants.
53. Pretend you’re a tourist in your hometown and go sightseeing. How many interesting buildings can you find to photograph?
54. Go Geocaching.
55. Catch Pokémon.
56. Create your own version of Fear of Factor or Minute to Win It games to play with friends.
57. Play charades.
58. Cycle somewhere on a bicycle.
59. Have a dress up. You are only allowed to create costumes with things you have at home.
60. If you have Lego somewhere, or you have kids who have Lego, why not see if you can still build something? You are never too old for Legos!
61. Have a water balloon fight!
62. Or have a pillow fight.
63. Make a list of movies you want to watch on IMDb.
64. See if you can make Christmas decorations with anything you have at home.
65. Lay on the grass and do some cloud watching.

Productive things to do for free 

66. Work in the garden.
67. Work in your neighbour’s garden.
68. Talk to your neighbour!
69. Clean out and repack a cupboards.
70. Update your CV.
71. Clean your email history.
72. Create a digital estate.
73. Do some DIY around the house.
74. Update your LinkedIn profile.
75. Create a budget!
76. Sort out all your admin and paperwork.
77. Make a birthday gift calendar. List the birthdays of all your friends and family and come up with gift ideas. This means you have time to start scouting for those gifts and do better planning.
78. Do some online personality quizzes. Who knows, you might learn something about yourself.
79. Learn a few sentences in a new language. (The internet can help with this.)
80. Watch YouTube videos that teach you a new skill, like knitting, crafts or changing a tyre.
81. Write your bucket list.
82. Find a topic that you really want to know more about. Start searching it on the internet and see where it takes you.
83. Polish all the shoes in your cupboard.
84. Polish your wooden furniture.
85. Find items in your house to sell online or at used goods stores.
86. Clean your cupboards and donate things you don’t use to charity.
87. Expand your vocabulary. Take a dictionary and find interesting words. Memorise them and practice their spelling.
88. Do some brain exercises. The internet is filled with fun exercises to test your brain.
89. Train your brain by trying to memorise all the countries on the African continent or all the states in the USA.
90. Clean out the fridge.
91. Fix any missing buttons on your shirts.
92. Sort out your desktop, make backups and organise your files.
93. Plan your cooking schedule. Spice up your dinner plans by planning cheap and easy recipes in advance.
94. Do a free online course.
95. Rearrange your books or DVD collection.
96. Try to start writing your autobiography. See how far you’ve come.
97. See how many of these household products you can recycle.
98. Make some DIY toys for your pets (or the pets of someone you know).
99. Have any old books that you don’t think anyone wants? Why not recycle them?
100. Even if you are not in the market, explore some job websites. It can’t hurt to see what’s out there.


101. Vote for Counting Coins in the SA Blog Awards.

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