Unless you are already addicted to the endorphins released by the brain when exercising, it is difficult to stay committed to a new fitness regime.

To prevent the temptation of quitting, most people call in the help of a personal trainer or join some type of health club.

Paying money for something is often a good motivation to stick it out. However, when living on a budget, the aim is to not spend money.

Technology can remedy this conundrum. Use these 100% free apps to help you save on the cost of a gym membership:

10. 7 Minute Workout: Fit Go Edition

By FitGoFun
Available on iOS

This app gives you full body workouts in the form of 7 minute videos. The videos are “presented” by animated avatars that are less intimidating than real life fitness junkies.

Pop-culture icon George Takei recently signed a contract to become one of the avatars. Who does not want to be trained by Hikaru Sulu?

9. Lose It!

By FitNow
Available on iOS, Android & Kindle

This is one of those apps that always pop up in conversations with health fanatics.

With the Lose It! App, you can choose fitness goals and then track your progress through a fitness and a nutritional tracker. This is a great app if you want to log your exercise and eating habits in one place. The app also easily integrates with other apps and devices.

8. Fitocracy

By Fitocracy, Inc.
Available on iOS & Android

Sometimes peer pressure will do the trick. Search a library of exercises and then log what you have completed. Your commitment to your health will earn you achievements and points and help you reach different levels.

7. Cody

By Cody Inc
Available on iOS

This fitness app is like Facebook, just leaner. The Cody App offers a variety of exercise videos and allows you to log and keep track of your own progress with a nifty timeline layout.

The massive appeal in this app lies in the community feature. Other users can show their support by liking and commenting on your workouts.

6. FitStar Personal Trainer

By FitStar, Inc.
Available on iOS

Their slogan says it all; “workout anytime, anywhere”. With FitStar Personal Trainer, you have a free personal trainer in your pocket. The app was the brain child of American football legend Tony Gonzalez.

The app includes a variety of exercises, gives you the option to personalise the routines, and even allows you to compete with friends on various fitness challenges.

5. Fitnet

By Fitnet Corp
Available on iOS and Android

The Fitnet app uses the camera on your smartphone or tablet as a biometric sensor, and offers a variety of yoga, strength and cardio videos for both beginners and experts. While following the videos, the camera on your device records you and provides you with feedback to improve your form.

4. Sworkit

By Nexercise
Available on iOS, Android & Kindle

If you want to get fit, you have to Sworkit! The Sworkit app creates custom workout routines based on your fitness levels, goals and time availability.

You can choose between strength, yoga, pilates and stretching workouts, all of which requires no equipment. To prevent boredom and encourage growth, the app will constantly change your workout routines.

3. Zombies, Run!

By Six to Start
Available on iOS & Android

Expensive trainers and membership fees are of no use during the zombie apocalypse. The Zombies Run! app turns your run into an exciting adventure during which you need to escape the walking dead and save innocent victims.

While you are out running, the app interrupts your playlist with instructions and messages.


By Nike Inc
Available on iOS & Android

“Designed by Nike. Powered by friends.”
Surely the Nike brand needs no introduction. The free Android and Apple app has incredible features utilising unmatched quality.

Great exercise plans compiled by professionals, four week fitness programmes and HD workout videos. Our favourite feature is the way the Nike+ app allows you to track your progress and workouts.

1. Charity Miles

By Charity Miles
Available: iOS and Android

What better way to motivate you than the idea of helping the world while you run or cycle? If you don’t have the Charity Miles app, you need to get it now.

Charity Miles is a tracking app for walking, running or cycling. When downloading the app, you get to choose between a number of well-known charity organisations. For every 1.6km (1 mile) that you cycle, the app will sponsor $0.10 to your chosen charity. For every 1.6km ran or walked, they will sponsor $0.25.


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