In 1995 Gary Chapman wrote a book that has become very popular in relationship seminars around the world. In it, he describes the 5 love languages, as he calls them, and how they are used to show we care about our loved ones. One of these is giving and receiving gifts.

Now, call me an uncaring oaf, but I’ve never been any good at giving gifts to show my love, and the mere thought of a friend’s upcoming birthday has me in hives in two ticks. A service like the one From Me provides, assists people like me who are a little useless with gifting, or others who just don’t have the time to search for a gift.

Counting Coins spoke to From Me’s founder, Amanda Kleingeld, to find out more.

A breakdown

“It can be exhausting and overwhelming to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. This is where our service comes in,” says Kleingeld.

“From Me specialises in gifts and hampers for each and every occasion. The idea is to deliver a personal service to all our clients, helping you make up the perfect gift, on any budget.”

The company does everything from assisting with gift ideas, making personalised hampers, beautifully wrapping up gifts that you have already bought, to assisting with transport and courier options to get the gifts to their recipients.

Kleingeld says From Me was born from her enjoyment of making up gifts for her loved ones.

“I wanted to find something creative to do over weekends, and thought, why not make it a part-time business? This way my hobby makes money, instead of bleeding my wallet dry.”

“I also found that shopping for others fills my own need for retail therapy. This has really been a win-win!”

FM middle

From Me creates personalised hampers like these according to your specifications and budget.

Considering you still have a day job, where do you find time to spend on the arduous task of creating personalised hampers?

“There’s a lot of after-hours shopping involved, rushing from shop to shop, hoping that I will make it in time! I also spend most weekends scouting for new and interesting things. I try to visit craft markets for new suppliers and ideas.”

What advice do you have for others who are considering turning their hobbies into a side project, with the hopes of turning it into a full-time job?

“From Me as a business type did not require much start-up capital. It would have been great having the capital to start, but it kept the initial risk low. If you’re taking a big risk with capital or loans, I would really suggest doing the necessary research. Start small and keep expenses low.”

How do you find clients, and how do they find you?

“I have received a lot of support from friends and family. They have really encouraged me in so many different ways. We currently receive orders on our Facebook page, but we are also working on a newsletter and a website, so watch this space.”

Starting a business from scratch isn’t easy, says Kleingeld.

“You are required to work so much harder in your own business, as you are responsible for everything. And you must be patient. It takes time to build a profit, but seeing it grow is really rewarding.”

Keep an eye out, as Amanda will be sharing her expertise on creating the perfect gift on a budget on Counting Coins soon. In the mean time, clients can contact From Me via Facebook, by calling 076 310 4516, or sending an email to

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