When it comes to living life on a budget, every cent counts! That is why we love services like Cashbag. Cashbag is a website that offers users a percentage of cash back at various online stores.

Joining and using Cashbag is pretty straight forward. You do not have to print out any vouchers and it is free to join. It also doesn’t have a complicated points system; you get actual cash back on your purchases from the various Cashbag partners.

They also give you a R25 cashback reward simply for singing up and will reward you with an additional R25 for every friend whom you refer. (If your friend decides to sign up.)

What we especially like about this rewards program is the Cashbag button for Google Chrome. Once installed, this button will allow you to see the latest discounts offered without having to go directly to the Cashbag site.

Every budget conscious online shopper in South Africa needs to the have the Cashbag button close by.

How does it work?

1. Click on the banner below to sign up. You can use Facebook to sign in if you like.

2. Get the Cashbag button if you are using Google Chrome
3. Browse the various stores offering discount. Once you’ve clicked on a store, it will direct you to that online store, were you will get the allocated discount when shopping. Remember that whenever you want to claim the cashback reward you have to go through the Cashbag website or button.

Here are just some of the discounts currently on offer:





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