Health and wellness brands Run/Walk For Life and eatForLife will be running their annual FitSlim Challenge from 1 September 2019.

Over the past 36 years, Run/Walk For Life has become a highly respected fitness brand within the South African community and running fraternity. For the past couple of years, Run/Walk For Life’s annual FitSlim Challenge, which combines weight loss and fitness, has seen people across the country take up the opportunity to improve their health. In the process, they also stand a chance to win a variety of prizes.

According to Run/Walk For Life CEO, Matthew Grosset, the popularity of the FitSlim Challenge lies in the fact that it is one of few of this nature that combines fitness and weight loss.

“Run/Walk For Life is known for being an all-inclusive fitness experience that allows people from all levels of fitness to improve their overall health,” says Grosset.

The 2019 FitSlim Challenge gives participants the option to enter either as an individual or as a team consisting of four people. Winners are determined based on the percentage of weight that they lose over an 8-week period, as well as the amount of Run/Walk For Life sessions they attend – in this regard, prospective participants in the FitSlim challenge should ensure that they have access to one of the 96 countrywide Run/Walk For Life branches in their town or city.

The Run/Walk For Life programme consists of three sessions a week, and entering the FitSlim Challenge gives you access to the programme, as well as to the eatForLife nutritional programme.
Besides walking away with a fitter, healthier body, there is also a range a prize for a variety of winners. The total value of the prizes exceeds R150 000, and these will vary from cash prizes and shopping vouchers to gadgets and holiday accommodation.

What does it cost?

The cost of the FitSlim Challenge is R598 when entering as an individual, or R500 per person when entering as a team of four people.

(After the challenge, Edgars Club members save R110 on their monthly membership, and also get free access to the eatForLife nutritional programme.)

How do I enter?
You can enter by contacting your nearest Run/Walk For Life branch, or completing the short form on the Run/Walk For Life website.
You can also send a WhatsApp message with your name and suburb to 011 367 9400.

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