Now that the children are all grown up it is your turn to play. When the kids outgrow their toys, you will most likely pass them on to charities or relatives, but there are bound to be some sentimental toys that are hard to get rid of.

How about recycling those toys into something nice for the home or to use as gifts?

The ideas listed below will also make for some budget-friendly DIY family time.

Here are 11 ideas for recycling old toys:

Plastic animal bottle caps

Reuse toys 2

Reuse toys

Funky lamp from old toys

lamp from old toys 2

Funky tea party plates

old toys

From: Pinterest

Animal magnets

DIY jewellery holders

Lego flower vase

Children 2

From: iTutorial

Lego cable holders

Funky dinosaur succulent planters



From: Instagram

Skateboard light

Frame a favourite teddy

(This will make a very special gift for your child.)

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