Finding unique jewellery that makes a statement, but is inexpensive, is so hard. So why not make your own from recyclable material? It’s easier than you might think, and the results will astound you.

You can do your part for the planet while creating chic and unique pieces of jewellery, so what are you waiting for? It’s the ultimate win-win situation.

Here are our top 20 ideas for making your own jewellery:

1. Adorable milk bottle rings

All you need to make these unbelievably cute rings are scissors and empty plastic milk bottles. Literally. And you can play around with shapes and designs as much as you like.

2. Funky puzzle piece necklaces

All you need is a few puzzle pieces, some paint and your imagination to create these beautiful statement necklaces.

3. Can tab bling bracelets

You can create these metal beauties by stringing together can tabs. It’s that easy.

4. Vintage teaspoon bangle

Even old cutlery can be converted into jewellery. This vintage-looking teaspoon is sure to make your friends jealous.

5. Quirky cork earrings

How could you not love these cute earrings? You draw the hearts onto the cork, which means you can add your own personal touch by drawing or writing whatever you like. It’s so easy.

6. Trendy t-shirt necklace

Is it time to clean out your closet? You can turn old, ratty t-shirts into funky, casual necklaces. Mix different t-shirts together for a unique twist. You can even add a few buttons or beads.

7. Retro bottle cap earrings

Keep metallic bottle caps to create your very own retro earrings. You can even paint them different colours using nail polish.

8. Unique cork pendants

Using stamps and a little paint, you can create a variety of cork pendants you can put on necklaces or bracelets.

recycled jewelry

From: Fiskars 

9. Unique watch bracelet

If you’ve moved on to a new watch, or discovered an old discarded one in a jewellery box or drawer, turn it into a stunning bracelet.

10. Denim bead necklace

Is it time for a new denim? Why not turn your old one into a funky, colourful necklace? You can play around with colour combinations to express your style. What about a monochrome black, white and grey one?

11. Funky plastic bag bangles

These creative bangles are made by winding tightly wound plastic bag strips around an old bangle. It’s so easy and beautiful, so why wait?

recycled jewelry

From: She

12. Plastic bottle loop earrings

Express yourself with these custom-made loop earrings made from plastic bottles. You can go as big and as bold as you like.

13. Retro telephone cord bracelet

Your parents (or grandparents) might have an old, unused phone lying around. Convert the phone’s cord into a funky bracelet with a coat of paint.

14. Metallic glam puzzle earrings

Add a bit of glam and rock and roll to old puzzle pieces with a coat of metallic paint to create eye-catching earrings.

15. Rock chic zipper bracelet

Ooze rock chic with this unique bracelet made from repurposed zippers and a bit of paint.

16. Creative tie and button bracelet

Wondering what to do with out-of-date, unfashionable ties? Simply add a few feature buttons to create unique and eye-catching bracelets.

Diy jewelry

From: Picklee 

17. Beautiful and timeless arm piece

This beautiful arm piece is made using a toilet paper roll, believe it or not. You can add your own flair with different coloured materials, a bead or two, or really any piece of bling you might want to add.

18. Chic geometric gift card necklace

Ever wondered what to do with a gift card once you’ve used it? Or maybe you have a credit card you want to cut up. Whichever it is, this is the necklace for you.

Diy jewels

From: By Wilma

19. Fun cellotape bangles

We’ve all toyed with cellotape tubes around our arms, but have you ever thought of turning it into a beautiful piece of jewellery? This tutorial shows you how to create truly beautiful and timeless bangles. Trust me, you’ll be astounded.

20. Magazine page bead necklace

You know all those magazines you have lying around teaching you about fashion? Why not turn them into a fashion item? This necklace is made from magazine pages.



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