It is nothing new that pizza is not always the best option for a healthy body or a healthy budget. That said, you only live once, and sometimes you need to spoil yourself with something you like – even if you don’t need it.

To make sure you do not completely break the bank when you decide to opt for a more convenient and cheesy dinner, Counting Coins has listed all the biggest specials offered by South Africa’s pizza franchises.

Get the deets:

Domino’s Pizza

• R50 off any 2 large pizzas
• R129.90 for any 2 large traditional pizzas

Roman’s Pizza

• Any single small pizza for R27.90

Scooters Pizza

• Small Bacon & Cheese or small Cheesy Russian pizza for R23.90
• Any 3 Large traditional pizzas for R219.90


• Any 2 large classic pizzas for R99.90, or any 2 classic pastas for R99.90 (Only Mondays and Tuesdays)
Pizza hut
• Any 2 medium pizzas & 1 medium chocolate pizza for R159.90


• Eat as much pizza as you like for R69.90 (Only on Thursdays)
• Breakfast pizzas for R29.90 (Only Monday to Friday until 11:00 am)
• Buy one standard size pizza and get one free (Only on Tuesdays)
Pizza Perfect
• Buy any large pizza and pay R6 for a 1l Coke

* Terms and conditions may apply. Prices and availability may vary or change.

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