If you’ve ever seen or heard of the reality TV show Extreme Couponing, you’ll know some people take discounts more seriously than others, and now there is a proudly South African shopping tool that makes couponing easier for savvy budget shoppers.

SNAPnSAVE is an app that uploads new specials every week, which pays you back for specific purchases made at big retailers.

It really is worth your while to give it a shot. Here’s how it works.

SNAPnSAVE summarised

You can use SNAPnSAVE in various ways. First, sign up on the SNAPnSAVE website or mobi site using your mobile number, or download the app and sign up. Once you have done this, you can immediately start using the app.

SNAPnSAVE has partnered with various popular brands and retailers, and uploads new offers on a weekly basis. The consumer can view these offers using the website, mobi site or app, and then book an offer of a specific item.

To view the terms of the offer, simply click on the item you’re interested in, and you’ll be able to find out how many items you are allowed to buy and claim the cash back, at what shops the offer is available, and when the offer ends.

Once an offer has been booked, you have 48 hours to go out and purchase said item at a participating store.

A limited amount of offers are available for a limited time, and it is not uncommon to see offers that have been fully booked out. Should this be the case, you can click on a button to notify you should the offer become available again due to other users not purchasing it in the given 48 hours.

The snapping part of the name comes in when your purchase has been made. Once you get your till slip, you need to take a picture of it with your smartphone in which the shop name, date, and VAT and invoice numbers are clearly visible. If your till slip is very long, various photos have to be taken.

This picture is then uploaded to your profile via the app or website, and you will receive a notification that the amount you get back has been added to your SNAPnSAVE wallet.

When you want to cash out the money you’ve saved, simply request a wiCode, which enables you to use the saved cash on other purchases at a participating retailer.


Example of SNAPnSAVE offers.

Why use an app like SNAPnSAVE?

Like loyalty programmes, apps like SNAPnSAVE are useful tools that can really save a lot of money if you use them well and constantly – R5 here and there might eventually add up to cover a monthly grocery bill, and in times of economic instability – and for budgeteers – ‘saving’ an entire grocery bill makes a huge difference.

Saving in this way could enable you to take a chunk out of that loan repayment that gobbles up the money you’d actually like to save for a rainy day. The trick here is commitment.

Find more info on SNAPnSAVE here. Happy bargain hunting!

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