Do you want to find ebooks at great prices, or even for free? Counting Coins found the best place to do this, totally legal and no strings attached. is a great website for bibliophiles of any preference. The website compiles current ebook specials from various retailers, including Amazon and Google.

By opening a free account on the website, you are notified of these specials – even ebooks that are marked down to R0. No spam and no obligation.

And don’t worry about being overwhelmed by constant emails – you get one email a day with a compilation of all the deals that match your preferences.

Here’s how you can get informed of awesome ebook deals:

1. Visit and register with your email address.

2. Choose the retailers you want to get deals from. When selecting a country, South Africa is not available yet, so select the USA.

3. Next you choose the genres you’re interested in.


4. Lastly, select authors you’re interested in.

BookBub cheap ebooks

That’s it. Now you’ll receive a daily email with a compilation of ebook deals you might be interested in. If one of your chosen authors’ works go on special, you’ll receive an email immediately.

You will still purchase the book from the applicable retailer.

You can also visit the website to see all the deals available at any given time.


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Ula Van Zyl

Ula van Zyl is a sub-editor at a major news outlet. She has been a bibliophile since she could recognise the little squiggly things as letters and words. Ula is the person you want to have on your pub quiz team, but is, unfortunately, already committed to a team at present.

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