The thing with a bargain is that it’s like a Highveld thunderstorm: welcome, but often very fleeting. This is where Retail Price Watch’s new app comes in handy.

The smartphone app, developed by South African software engineers, re:source design, scans the barcodes of a product, and tells you where it is available at a major retailer near you for the cheapest price.

This is how it works

The Retail Price Watch app can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play stores. It uses a scanner to scan the barcode of various products, and tells you the price of the same product at competing retailers in your area.

“The prices of more than 40 000 grocery products at all major stores in urban centres around the country are available through the app,” says Viccy Baker of Retail Price Watch.

Prices are automatically updated to reflect the updated prices of the products at nearby retailers, which makes it easier to plan your shopping trips in advance. To help with this, the app sports a shopping list feature.

“We believe that hard-pressed consumers will find immense benefit and peace of mind through using it,” says Baker.

“How often have you stood in front of a product in the store and felt that it was much more expensive than the last time you bought it? The app allows you to see if you could buy that product more cheaply elsewhere in your area. You now have greater choice – a victory for consumers.”

Visit the Retail Price Watch website here.

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