The end of the month means you’re probably running low on many things, and cleaning products can take a cruel bite out of the cash you have left. Do these things next month to save.

Double your washing powder

Stretch the amount of washing powder you use, and save on laundry softener by using this recipe:

• 1 kg coarse salt
• 1 kg bicarbonate of soda
• 2 kg washing powder

By using this mixture, you’ll double the amount of washing powder you have and save on fabric softener – the coarse salt has a softening effect on laundry. For extra softness, add half a cup of white vinegar to the wash when you would’ve added fabric softener.

Wash double the amount of plates

One the easiest and cheapest ways to make household products last longer is to simply add a little water and dilute them.

I often drizzle the dirty dishes with dishwashing liquid as if I’m pouring chocolate sauce over ice cream – this is unnecessary and wasteful. Use an empty pump-action bottle, like the one liquid hand wash comes in, fill it halfway with dishwashing liquid and halfway with water, and restrict each bout of dishes to one pump, or two if things are really grimy. Also, wait until you’ve got at least a sink full of dishes to do to save water.

Care for your coif, save on shampoo

In the same way, you can stretch your shampoo by adding water when you’ve used a third of the bottle. Your shampoo is still just as effective and keeps its consistency, but you’ll be able to use it for much longer.

When it comes to stretching your conditioner it’s even simpler: the bottle recommends you use a walnut-sized amount, not a whole handful!

Save on your shampoo

Rub-a-dub-double your body wash

Keep the empty body wash bottle, fill it halfway with new body wash, and top both bottles up with water. You’d be surprised how much longer a bottle can last.

Stay sharp

Dry off razor blades after using them to extend their lifetime dramatically.

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