Welcome to Counting Coins, the place where we talk about money, debt, finances, savings and investments without pretence or lecturing.

Here are four things to keep in mind while exploring our site:

Remember: They do not know your story

The wealthy always know best about saving and being debt free, skinny people are experts in losing weight and non-smokers or drinkers know exactly how to quit, right? No. The first thing you need to know is that they don’t know your story. You alone got to where you are. Unless someone else walked in your shoes, they cannot possibly understand what is required of you to put food on the table.

We have all been asked: How can you not be saving?

Financial Freedom has a simple formula:

+ (Income)-(Expenses)+(Savings)-(Debt)+(Assets) = Bla Bla Bla

I had this friend in school whose parents always awarded him for doing things around the house. He got R10 for doing the dishes, R10 if his homework was done and R100 if he watched his brother on a Sunday afternoon. Where I come from, you did those things without complaining and without financial awards. Needless to say, my friend was the guru of savings. He constantly advised me on how to responsibly spend my money and save. According to him, my lack of cash was solely due to me having a spending problem. Never mind the differences in our incomes…

Just like we all know that sugar makes you fat, we also know that saving makes you “un-broke”. The problem is, if there is nothing left to save, there is nothing to save.

Another piece of popular advice: Simply don’t make debt

Simply don’t make debt… As if. If I received R1 for every time I heard this, I would be debt free. Not everybody fell into the Bermuda Triangle of repayments because they felt like buying a new pair of Levi jeans. Sometimes reaching into the mouth of the loan shark is simply the only option.

Shame makes us poor

After reading this, you should know the following:

  • You are not alone in this battle
  • Nobody has the right to judge you
  • Nobody can fix this for you
  • And most importantly, you have NOTHING to be ashamed of

The latter is probably the hardest lesson to learn. Shame is a thief, and he is coming for your “will to fight”.

Throughout this website, we explore life on a shoestring budget. None of the writers are multimillionaires (yet) and we are not blogging from a yacht in the Bahamas. We are counting our coins with you, trotting together on the path to financial freedom.

Happy Savings
The Counting Coins Team