Few things are as frustrating as finding one earring that matches your outfit perfectly, and not being able to find the other.

Ditch the jewellery box and make your own earring holders for next to nothing with these 8 creative ideas…

1. Lace and frame earring holder

This one is really beautiful, timeless and perfect for your studded earrings.

DIY Earring holders

From: UCreate

2. Use foam to keep it organised

The thing with earrings is that they get messy very quickly when you just stuff them in a drawer. Use a piece of foam or sponge to keep the earrings in your drawer super-organised.

Organize earrings

From: Gurl

3. Ice-cream stick earring holder

This one gives you an excuse to indulge in some icy delights before starting the project.

4. Chicken wire earring holder

We like to call this combination “farm chic”.

5. Cheese grater earring holder

The only downside to this one is that you’ll have to use sliced cheese on everything from this point forward.

6. Lacey earring holders

This has an old-school feel that will liven up your dressing table.

7. Dangling earring organiser

This eye-catching earring holder will most definitely be a conversation piece.

8. Decoupage earring holder

This looks luxurious and store-bought, but you made it with your own hands!

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