We know Heritage Day is also National Braai Day, but why not incorporate one of these traditional dishes into your meal on 24 September?

In the spirit of Heritage Day, Counting Coins has scoured the internet to find these traditional South African recipes to brighten up your Braai Day table.

1. Samp and beans – umngqusho (Xhosa) or umngqusho (Zulu)

Late president Nelson Mandela’s favourite dish is a mixture of slow-cooked sugar beans and samp. It is usually served as a side-dish with meat and gravy, but is delicious on its own, too.

2. Bunny chow

When traditional South African Indian dishes come up, you probably think of a bunny chow first. Cheap, easy, and deliciously satisfying, bunny chows brings KwaZulu-Natal to you, wherever you find yourself in the rainbow nation.

Bunny chow

Recipe: Bunny chow

3. Potjiekos

A wholesome all-in-one dish, potjiekos combines meat, vegetables and starch, traditionally served with rice. Be warned, though – making potjiekos is not a quick affair, so line up a few cold ones for the wait in the South African sunshine.


Recipe: Potjiekos

4. Morogo

Morogo is a traditional Tswana dish consisting of morogo – a spinach-like vegetable – and other vegetables. Morogo is considered to be one of the healthiest leafy green vegetables, so dig in! Serve with pap.


Recipe: Morogo

5. Cape Malay Curry

Nothing tastes quite as much as Cape Town as a traditional curry. Drawing from South Asian roots, this dish is still unmistakably South African – and delicious.

6. Chakalaka

If you’re throwing some meat on the fire on the 24th, don’t get chakalaka from a tin to go with the pap and chops. This traditional Zulu dish compliments almost everything.


Recipe: Chakalaka

7. Banana fritters with Amarula and ice cream

A Tsonga dessert, this will go down perfectly after your big lunch and the traditional afternoon nap.

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