The internet is a haven for brilliant minds, and with celebrations like Valentine’s Day, these minds love to come out and play.

After some intense investigative Googling, Pinning and Tweeting, we found 20 creative and affordable Valentine’s Day cards you can make yourself.

In most cases, you can simply glue or draw the items onto your valentine card, making it an idiot-proof DIY project.

Have a look:

They are called classics for a reason…

If your partner walks on the geekier side of life, you can consider the cards below… 

Be Mine Valentine's Day card

From: Etsy

Harry potter card

From: Etsy

On Valentine’s Day, all puns are excused…  

Funny Valentine's day card

From: Etsy

Here are some ideas for more racy partners… 

Car V day card

If you really want to win his or her heart, make it personal… 

Romantic Valentine's card

From: Photojojo

Or consumable…  

Who said a card has to be flat? 

Or you can offer your partner the world… 

You can recycle any old maps to make this card.

If all else fails, you can be a little cheesy…

Cheesy Valentines

From: Etsy

Or a little silly…

Like you more Valentine's card

From: Etsy

As long as you show your Valentine, how much you love them… 

I Love you card





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