Sometimes, all you need to recuperate and get your strength and motivation back is to take a 30-minute break from the world and spoil yourself. Here is a short list of things you can do in those 30 minutes without spending money.

Remember, this break on a budget is all about you.

1. Read a book. When last did you just shut yourself off from reality and simply get lost in the world of fantasy?
2. Take a bubble bath.

Bubble bath
3. Go for a relaxing walk.
4. Make a homemade facemask and treat yourself to a beauty day.
5. Colour, draw or paint something.
6. Write a one-sentence story – you’ll be surprised at how satisfying it can be.
7. Take a nap!

Take a nap
8. Chill in front of the TV and watch your favourite sitcom.
9. Find a spot with a view of the city, beach or farm and just ponder about anything or nothing.
10. Meditate.
11. Put on your favourite slow songs , lie down on the floor and drift away with the music.

12. Take out your old photo albums (actual albums, not the ones on Facebook) and take a trip down memory lane.
13. Go for a swim.
14. Have a picnic. Yes, you may have a picnic by yourself. You can even do it in your own garden.
15. Give yourself a massage.

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Enrique is the eternal entrepreneur: his first venture was selling off his parents’ household goods at bargain prices to their neighbours at age seven. All other endeavours thus far have been entirely above board.

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