The garage is more than just a place to park your car – it can be an extension of your home and a place where the family gets creative. It should also be the hub of your frugal living attempts: it is here where you get to recycle, turn old things into new ones and take a shot at making something new.

Here are 15 practical ways you can organise your garage without spending money on fancy storage items:

1. Use an old towel rail to keep your black bags neatly organised.

2. Fit the lids of empty plastic or glass bottles onto the bottom of shelves using small screws. The bottles will make perfect storage space for small items.

Organise my garage

Photo from: Chez Larsson

Organising tips

Photo from: TopDreamer

3. Magnetic strips are ideal to keep all your drill bits in one place.

4. PVC pipes are affordable and super handy. If you have some offcuts lying around, use them to organise your garden tools.

Organising tips

Photo from: Newly Woodwards

5. Finding the starting point of a roll of tape can be frustrating. A used hacksaw blade will solve that problem.

6. We love the idea of using wall space, especially in small spaces. A shoe organiser, like the one below, can be used for more than just footware.

Shoe tray used to store garage items

Photo from: hi sugarplum!

7. Pallets can be recycled into just about anything, including a place to store larger items.

Recycle pallets

Photo from: Flea Market Gardening

8. Instead of throwing away empty plastic containers like ice-cream buckets, use them to organise your garage. For your convenience label each container.

9. Save space by storing your wheelbarrow upright. Prevent it from falling over by using sliding locks.

Organise my garage

Photo from: Listotic

10. Once your tools are hanging where they should, use a permanent marker to trace their outlines. This way you will always know what goes where.

Organising tips

Photo from: Martha Stewart

11. Those old burned muffin pans are still good for something.

12. An empty bucket against the wall is a great way to store your hosepipe and sprinkler.

Organise your garden tools

Photo from: Martha Stewart

13. Mount empty cans onto a shelf or use a large magnetic strip to keep your small items organised.

Keep your garage tidy

Photo from: Instructables

14. This ceiling fishing rod holder can easily be made with two scrap pieces of wood.

Store your fishing gear

Photo from: Instructables

15. Recycle an old rake into hanging space for other garden tools.


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