The advent of spring is a time of renewal – which also gave rise to the idea of spring cleaning. Here are 15 tips to clean up without also cleaning out your wallet.
1. Baby oil is great for cleaning stainless steel items and is mostly cheaper than specialised stainless steel cleaners.

2. You can use a lemon to remove water stains from your taps or shower head. You can also use a lemon to clean the inside of your microwave.

3. To clean blinds, pull a sock over your hand and wipe the blinds.

4. Clean the scorched marks from the bottom of your iron by switching it on and “ironing” over some table salt.

Cleaning hacks

5. If you do not like the smell of your fridge, you can place a bowl with some coffee beans inside your fridge. It will give it a fresh coffee smell.

Cleaning tips

6. If you are very active, you can sprinkle some baking soda in your shoes to make them smell better.

7. If your kids expressed their artistic side by drawing with markers on wood, you can remove the marks with some toothpaste. For drawings on the walls you can use some baking soda in water.

Cleaning hacks

8. Mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in a spray bottle with water to wash your windows.

9. Tomato sauce (ketchup) can be used to make your copper pots shine.

Pots And Pans cleaning hacks

10. Use cheap cola to get rid of stains in your toilet bowl. Pour a litre into the toilet bowl, let it sit for an hour, and flush.

11. Burnt-on stains on saucepans can also be removed by pouring enough cheap cola into it to cover the burnt area on the bottom of the pan. Bring the cola to a boil, stir, and remove from the heat and pour the mixture out – the residue should go with it.

12. Just like cleaning the grill of the braai, you can also clean the grill of your oven by using an onion that is cut in half. Heat the oven first to soften the mess that needs cleaning.

13. Put some newspaper in the bottom of your rubbish bin to absorb any liquids that might leak into the bin – it’ll save you cleaning up a mess later.


14. To clean your ceiling fan, pull a pillow case over the blades and wipe clean.

15. To clean your showerhead, tie a bag filled with bag with white vinegar around the shower head.

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