In the middle of Jozi you can find housing complexes and apartment buildings with utterly amusing names, like Palm Villas or Lake Village, despite the fact that the apartments are nowhere near any palms or lakes. But I guess you can’t blame developers for trying creative ways to make small living spaces seem more appealing than simply cement blocks stacked on top of one another.

No matter how much Sex and the City romanticise the idea of being a big city girl (or boy), when living in a small apartment it is easy to yearn for some greenery. Especially if you moved to the city from a smaller town where the grass literally is greener.

We found 10 awesome vertical garden ideas to bring a little piece of nature into your small home. These ideas are perfect for small gardens or patios, and most of them are not very expensive to make. As always, try to see what you have lying around or what you can get for free, and then adjust the ideas below around your resources.

If you plant herbs or vegetables in your vertical garden, you can also save on your groceries bill.

Here are 10 impressive vertical garden ideas:

1. You can use off-cut pieces of wood for this vertical garden.

Vertical garden ideas 1

From: Man Made

2. Pallets can be used for so many things, like this beautiful vertical garden…

3. How creative is this?

4. Another great pallet idea…

5. If you don’t have the space to put pots on the floor, hang them in a frame.

6. This vertical garden is ideal for a herb garden on a patio or in a small garden.

7. This vertical garden is slightly more difficult to make, but if you’re up for the task, it can be a magnificent addition to any small garden.

8. You can use cheaper plastic pots to copy this idea from an exhibition in Moscow.

9. At Counting Coins, we love recycling! Recycling equals saving! For this vertical garden you can recycle any empty glass bottles.

Vertical gardens

From: The Whoot

10. You can recycle off-cuts to make these boxes for your vertical garden.

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