The first cold snap is here, but don’t get cooped up too much this autumn. Keep yourself busy with these 10 cheap and fun activities for the whole family…

1. Get your hipster on with a crafty knit and crochet

Taking up a craft that will have you looking swanky in winter is a great way to keep yourself busy this autumn. If you’ve got the basics down pat with two knitting needles, just imagine the beautiful personalised scarves that will adorn your neck this winter! Here’s how to get started.

Crochet is also coming back and your hipster friends will be duly impressed by the retro gloves you’ll be sporting come winter. Learn how to do it here.

2. Go for a late-afternoon drive to see the foliage

Late-afternoon drives are not just for elderly ladies named Daisy. Pack some snacks, put on your seatbelt and take a drive out of the city – or just around the neighbourhood – to soak up the brown, red and yellow of the changing leaves.

3. Experiment with warm drinks

Now is the time to decide on the best warm drink is to serve your guests when they come for a visit when it’s colder. Why not experiment with all these hot drinks recommended by Martha Stewart? Your guests will be impressed by something other than a run-of-the-mill tea or coffee, and you get to taste all of them.

Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows

4. Bundle up with movies

Who needs a cinema when you can rent movies on the cheap, make your own popcorn and lounge on your own sofa? The latest blockbusters just look better from the comfort of your own couch.

5. Start canning

Just like knitting and crochet, canning is an old-school activity that should definitely become mainstream again – especially considering the harsh economic times we live in. Canning fruit like figs and peaches makes for dessert that’s always handy, and if you have fruit trees in your yard, it will cost you close to nothing.

Canning preserves food for ages, so you’ll be stocking up on stuff that will only expire in about a year, which is very financially savvy. Here’s how to get started.

6. Get out, go walking or hiking

No season has quite the same charm as autumn and its vibrant colours. Because it’s not as scorching as during the summer months, hikes are much more pleasant and less sweaty – and you’ll get your last chance to work on a tan before winter truly sets in. Glance at these outdoor destinations if you’re not sure where to go.

7. Wine

Need we say more? We’re doubtful there’s anything more decadent than sipping on a glass of your favourite wine whilst bundled up under blankets in front of a fire. Maybe even try your hand at glühwein…

Fun things to do

8. Cook a stew

Stews are the perfect comfort food for when it starts getting chilly. Get the whole family to pitch in and get involved in the process. Hearty stews are a cheap, nutritious and satisfying alternative to summer’s cool foods. Try these cheap and easy one-pot meals if you’re not sure where to start.

9. Visit a museum

If you’re not one for the great outdoors, visiting a museum near you will help brush up on your cultural knowledge – and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. There are a myriad of museums in our country that are really worth a visit.

10. Read an actual book

You might consider yourself an avid reader but when last did you read anything that wasn’t reflected on a screen? Rummage through your bookcase and read your favourite books all over again, from cover to cover (or under the covers, if that’s what you fancy).

woman read the book in autumn park

If you’re looking for new reading material, visit your nearest charity shop and get something for next to nothing, while also supporting organisations in need.

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