She fed you, clothed you, and made sure you made it through the terrible twos and through adolescence. Let’s not get started about the hours of labour she braved so that you could see the light of day!

Mothers are special, and they deserve to feel special on Mother’s Day, even if you’re broke.

Here are 10 ways to treat your mom this Mother’s Day that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, or hours of labour pains (just reiterating – hours).

1. Clean the house

On Mother’s Day, the last thing your mom needs to do is handle domestic chores. Make sure the house is clean and tidy when your mom wakes up – it’s the right way to start a special day.

2. Give her a spa day at home

If your mom enjoys being pampered, treat her to a spa day at home. Put a homemade mask on her face, paint her nails, massage her shoulders, and run her a decadent bubble bath to end it all off. Make sure there’s wine (or tea – whatever tickles her fancy!) on tap.

3. Car wash and valet

Moms are busy, and the cleanliness of the car is often the very last thought on their mind, “as long as it drives”! Wash the car and vacuum the inside so it’s spotless on her next trip to wherever needs her.

4. Make her breakfast, lunch or dinner

Treat your mom to a meal made especially for her by you. Even if you don’t consider yourself a master chef, we’re sure you have at least one recipe that’s always a crowd pleaser. In the end, it’s about spoiling her. Remember to wash up afterwards.

5. Make her a card

Make her a card like you did when you were little. Why not try to mimic that kiddie-art style in your card? People appreciate the effort that goes into a homemade card or gift more than you know.

6. Write her a letter in which you list the things about her you’re grateful for

The only reason I used to write my mother letters when I was younger was to apologise for something I did wrong. My mom kept every last one that my sister and I wrote her, and today they make for entertaining and sentimental reading. Write your mom a letter, and list all the things about her that you are grateful for. If your mom’s like mine, it’ll be a few pages long. She’ll love it.

7. Give her a jar filled with short notes for every week of the year

Does your mom like poetry or quotes? Write these in small notes and add to them with little notes that tell her you love her, until you have 52 notes that’ll brighten your mom’s next 52 weeks.

8. Time

The best way to show your mom you appreciate her, is to dedicate your time to her, and only to her this Mother’s Day. When was the last time you spent a whole day with your mom without interruptions from life? Reconnect, catch up with her, tell her what’s been up with you, tell her you love her. You have no idea how special this simple gesture is to your mom.

9. Give her some “me-time”

The one thing many moms really want is their own time. They’re so concerned about everyone else that they often don’t have any time left for themselves. Tell your mom Mother’s Day is her day, and that she can do whatever she wants by herself, but you’ll be around the corner to make sure she does it fully hydrated and with a satisfied appetite. Just for a laugh, give her a bell to ring when she needs you.

10. Pick her flowers

An unverifiable statistic I found online holds that 48% of mothers want flowers for Mother’s Day. This might well be true, but store-bought flowers are very expensive. Thank goodness for gardens! Pick your mom an imposing bouquet of wild flowers from a garden (not her garden!) or next to the road somewhere. She’ll appreciate your effort.

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Angie Gallagher

Angie Gallagher is a freelance writer in the Upper Karoo. Aside from writing content for Counting Coins, Angie has tried her hand at a few juvenile attempts at poetry filled with storms and stress, and a marginally successful radio station, Radio Grootoor, recorded on cassette tapes when she was ten.

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