If you’ve made the decision to become financially free, you should preferably not frequent fast food restaurants. Rather opt to cook as many meals as possible yourself. You pay for the convenience of other people preparing your food and serving you.

That said, we are human and deserve to spoil ourselves every now and again. If you do decide to treat yourself to a takeaway burger and chips, keep this list handy to compare the pricing of various fast food chains.

Small / Mini burger

RestaurantBurger TypePrice
McDonald’sJNR Cheese burgerR13.00
SteersGet RealR10.90
KFCSnack BurgerR10.90
Chicken Licken1 Slider with cheeseR5.90

Flagship Burger

ChainBurger nameBurger price
Nando'sChicken R35.90
KFCColonel R29.90
MochachosChicken R29.90
Burger KingWhopperR28.90
Chicken CityChicken R28.50
Steers Steers BurgerR26.90
Chesanyama Beef R25.00

Burger Meals 

RestaurantBurger Medium MealPrice
Nando'sChicken R56.90
MochachosChicken R49.90
Burger KingWhopperR48.90
KFCColonel R45.90
McDonald’sBig MacR45.00
SteersSteers BurgerR44.90
Chesanyama BeefR35.00

*The Chesanyama and Mochachos meals include only a burger and chips. The other meals include a soft drink as well.

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