The trials and tribulations of the entrepreneur are things that we have covered quite extensively on Counting Coins. The entrepreneurial journey is undoubtedly often winding but, if you’re lucky, fruitful enough for you to be able to afford an island one day.

The word “entrepreneur” has its origins in the French entreprendre, meaning “to undertake”, and in the English enterprise. An entrepreneur is generally defined as someone who uses money to start a business, or to make business deals.

It should be noted, however, that the definition* of an entrepreneur has also expanded significantly to include various types of industry and undertaking. We have compiled a list of the various types of entrepreneurs that are actively busy building business empires across the world. What kind of entrepreneur are you?

1. The Mumpreneur

A mother who starts a business so that she can combine working with looking after her children.

2. The Ganjapreneur

Small business owners who take advantage of the budding marijuana industry in the United States, to promote products associated with, or incorporating, marijuana.

3. The Uberpreneur

Uber drivers who use this platform to promote any other business they might also be running to clients that they drive around.

4. The Social Entrepreneur

Someone who sets up a business whose main purpose is to bring about positive social change, rather than to simply make a profit.

5. The Solopreneur

Someone who works and runs their business alone.

6. The Storypreneur

Someone who uses online media to build an audience to ultimately make a profit from storytelling or creative work.

7. The Cyberpreneur

Similar to the storypreneur, this is someone who sells information through the internet, or who uses the internet to market their products.

8. The Wantrepreneur

Someone who would like to start a business and thinks and talks about doing so, but never gets started.

We hope you’re not a wantrepreneur. Still mulling over whether you should take the entrepreneurial leap? Think about it with some popcorn and a good film.

*Many of these definitions were found on the online Macmillan Dictionary.


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