What would you do if you had your own island? Host Jay Gatsby-style parties? Turn it into a quiet retreat for family and friends? Or perhaps you will use your island as a safe haven for refugees? Whatever you choose to do with your imaginary island, keep working on that dream!

For some, owning an island is actually a possibility. Even though I don’t know any such person, and I am guessing you don’t either, here is a list of 9 islands currently for sale.

You know, just in case we want to calculate how much we need to save…

1. Kisite Marine Park, Kenya, Africa

Price: USD 16,000,000 (+- R 218 953 600)
Size: 21.45 HA

This lavish island is near the Tanzanian coastline and boasts a thick bush and forest landscape. Oh, and there are loads of dolphins and turtles.

Kisite Marine Park, Kenya, Africa

2. Isla Palenquita, Panama, Central America

Price: USD 3,000,000 (+- R 41 053 800 )
Size: 4.30 HA

Its white sandy beaches make this the perfect island for water activities. The entire island is set on a volcanic rock foundation, which prevents erosion.

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3. Turn Island, British Columbia, Canada

Price: CAD 3,900,000 (+- R 40 577 561)
Size: 33.18 HA

This playground for the ultra-rich has a 3km shoreline made up of gentle slopes and a well-protected bay.

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4. Greek Island in the Ionian Sea, Greece, Mediterranean

Price: EUR 45,000,000 ( +- R 653 074 094)
Size: 445 HA

This Greek island is in the Ionian Sea between the islands of Ithaka and Lafkada. It has beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliffs, sea caves and natural harbours.

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5. Nissos Sofia, Greece, Mediterranean

Price: EUR 4.000.000 (+- R 58 051 030)
Size: 18 HA

This is a developed private island covered with ample vegetation and surrounded by crystal clear waters.

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6. Rangyai Island, Thailand, Asia

Price: USD 160 000 000 (+- R 2 187 488 000)
Size: 44 HA

Near Phuket, this island is popular with tourists. According to privateislandsonline.com, this is the largest island currently available in the region.

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7. Ilha Pelada Grande, Brazil, South America

Price: BRL 8,000,000 (+- R 33 781 684)
Size: 11 HA

This island has a total of 4 beaches and mineral springs.

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8. Petit Nevis, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

Price: Price upon request
Size: 28 HA

This island is a short boat ride from neighbouring islands likes Bequia, Isle Quatre, Mustique, and Battowia & Balliceaux. According to the ad for this property, it is ideal for building your own boutique resort.

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9. Katafanga Island, Fiji, Pacific Ocean

Price: USD 25,000,000 (+- R 337 703 750)
Size: 91 HA

This is one of the last freehold islands available in the South Pacific region of Fiji. The island comes with 20 private villas, a runway, golf course, ring roads, water reservoir, jetties and employee housing.

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