CareerJunction recently conducted a survey among South Africans to establish the overall feeling of South Africans concerning jobs – and especially the job market today.

The results are in – and quite interesting at that. Here’s what South African employees had to say:

What does the average employee in South Africa look like?

The survey was conducted among over 10 500 participants. The average employee holds a tertiary qualification – 65% of participants had completed tertiary study, is based in one of the big metropolitan areas (86% of participants were based in either Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town or Durban), is between 18 and 39 years old (72% of participants), and is permanently employed.

Most participants earned less than R50 000 per annum (32%), and 86% of participants were actively looking to change jobs. Reasons for changing jobs chiefly relate to getting a better salary and benefits (37%) or better career growth (36%).

Career opportunities

Although a big percentage of participants were of the opinion that it is more difficult to change jobs now than last year (44%), most were also optimistic that the job market will improve over the next 2 years (56%).

Results show that most participants used online job portals (58%) to look for another job, and consider email job alerts (28%) and accuracy in job search (27%) the most important factors when it comes to looking for a job online.

If your mind is racing with all the numbers, check out CareerJunction’s comprehensive infographic here.

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