Do you want to add a special touch to your bookshelf, coffee tables or office? Adding a small, water-wise plant is a great way to liven up a space. You can personalise the space even more by making your own funky plant pots.

It’s super cheap and easy, and a great way to showcase your creativity.

What you need:

• As many small cacti or water-wise plants as you want.
• A reusable plastic container for each of the plants (cream cheese or chip dip sauce containers work well).
• Chalkboard paint
• Paint brush
• Chalk
Stickers for decorating

What you do:

1. Paint the plastic containers with your chosen colour of chalk paint and leave to dry.
2. Apply a second layer and leave to dry.
3. Once dry, you can write messages or draw pictures on your containers.
4. You can also add a few stickers if you want.
5. And that’s it… Now you have eye-catching water tray/pot for your plant.

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Ula Van Zyl

Ula van Zyl is a sub-editor at a major news outlet. She has been a bibliophile since she could recognise the little squiggly things as letters and words. Ula is the person you want to have on your pub quiz team, but is, unfortunately, already committed to a team at present.

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