The tech world is buzzing today with Vodacom’s announcement that they will be allowing customers to use Facebook for free.

Yes, bring on the savings! The free Facebook service forms part of a new initiative by Vodacom called Siyakha. According to Vodacom, the Siyakha platform will aim to offer various free value added services for Vodacom’s prepaid customer base.

While it is important to count the coins, it should be noted that the Facebook Flex feature from Vodacom does not include all Facebook’s features. In fact, you might be disappointed to learn that with Facebook Flex, you will only be able to use a very basic version of Facebook. You will be able to update your status or comment on a post without using any data, or even when you have no data on your phone at all. However, you will not be able to see or post any videos or photos. This means you will be able to read the comments on that viral cat photo, and even comment yourself, but you would not be able to see the photo itself.

Craig Wilson, editor at Stuff magazine, has also warned that people should take note of the T&C’s of this service. By using this service you agree that Facebook may share some of your information with your service provider.
To use Facebook Flex, Vodacom customers can log onto or dial *111*32#. You will have to switch back from the free mode to the paid mode if you want to use the full functionalities.

While some Vodacom customers are rejoicing at the opportunity to save a few bucks, Vodacom is a little late to the Free Facebook Party. Cell C has been providing a similar basic version of Facebook since mid-2015.

Cell C customers can access various free websites, including the basic Facebook, by going to on their mobile devices.

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