Add a special touch to your festive season this year by making your own Christmas decorations from recycled bottles. It’s quick, easy, cost-effective and a lot of fun.

You can express your unique style and create something beautiful this holiday.

What you need:

• A few glass bottles in varying sizes
• Transparent paper
• Permanent marker
• A box cutter
• Sellotape
• Scissors
• A paint brush
• Chalkboard paint
• Dish washing sponge

What to do:

1. Measure the transparent paper around the glass bottle. Cut the height and length to perfectly fit around the bottle.

2. Now you need to decide on a design. If you want to keep it festive, go with mistletoe leaves, Christmas trees or the like. This year I decided to go with something more generic and used hearts, stars, dots and squares. Be as creative as you want.

3. Draw or trace your chosen pattern or design onto the transparent paper.

4. Cut out the shapes using the box cutter. To make it easier, use sellotape and stick the transparent paper onto cardboard. If the shapes aren’t perfect, use scissors to define them better.

5. Wrap the transparent paper around the glass bottle and fasten it with sellotape.

6. Cut the dishwashing sponge in half to make it easier to use.

7. Use the paintbrush to apply a thin layer of the chalkboard paint onto the sponge. The paint must be really sparsely applied to avoid smudging.

8. Gently sponge the paint onto your patterns or shapes.

9. The paint should dry quickly, and once it has you can remove the transparent paper. You can use the same piece of transparent paper on different jars once the paint has dried.

10. For another effect, you can use sellotape to paste the shapes you cut out onto the glass bottles and gently sponge around them.

Once your jars are completed you can place tealight candles or battery-operated fairy lights inside them to create beautiful decorations and mood lighting during dinner, indoors or outside.

Recycled glass jars

Recycled glass jars

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