Save the Children has its roots in the efforts of the British social reformer, Eglantyne Jebb, who founded the Save the Children Fund in 1919, motivated by her conviction that all children are entitled to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

In our own country, Save the Children already started their work in 1944, but Save the Children South Africa was formed in 2013, after Save the Children Gauteng, Save the Children KwaZulu-Natal, Save the Children UK and Save the Children Sweden merged.

Enough is Enough – Ending violence against children

In their latest ad campaign, currently featured on DStv, Save the Children South Africa aims to create awareness around the issue of violence against children. This forms part of their 5-year campaign to see an end of violence against children. Watch the video by clicking on the banner below.

Save the Children’s marketing manager, Rodney Knotts, says that the campaign works towards involving every sector of society to defend every child’s right to a happy and healthy life.

What can you do?

Click on the ad at the bottom of this page, and get involved. The funds that Save the Children SA raise, are used towards making a real difference in the lives of children across the country, through various programmes that provide food, water, shelter, child protection and health services to more than 65 000 of our country’s most vulnerable children.

You can also become involved by volunteering, hosting a fundraiser or event, becoming a Save the Children SA activist, and through individual and corporate partnerships.

Be a social media ambassador: connect with Save the Children SA on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and spread the word!

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