Are you entertaining a bunch of kids this Halloween? Get their creative juices flowing with this super fun, easy and cheap Monstrous Mural activity…

Monstrous Mural

What you need:

• Sheets of brown roll paper
• Permanent markers
• Paints
• Glue
• Whatever you have that can be pasted onto the mural
• Masking tape

What to do:

1. Using masking tape, tape one long sheet of paper horizontally across the length of the wall, making sure the bottom of the sheet reaches the floor. You only need to tape the top of the sheet to the wall.

2. Tape a second sheet parallel to the first, but a little higher up. The height of the paper should be about the height of the kids. Again, you only need to tape the top of the sheet.

3. It is advisable to place a sheet on the floor for the kids to stand on.

4. Once the sheets are up, have the kids stand with their backs to the papered wall and trace their outlines with the permanent marker. The kids can try funny poses.

kids fun for halloween

Outline of kids

5. Once their outlines have been drawn, the kids can start ‘monsterfying’ themselves. Using the paint, crayons and markers, they can turn themselves, or each other, into scary monsters, aliens, superheroes, or whatever takes their fancy.

Kids halloween

Cheap halloween game for kids

This should keep them occupied for a while, so sit back and relax.


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