Gone are the days when a map and the guy at the petrol garage were the only means you had at your disposal on a road trip. In the age of smartphones, your map is in your pocket, and you have access to hundreds of apps to give you tips on the best local spots to visit.

Here are a few apps to make your next trip an awesome one:


Not sure what to do or where to go this weekend, but you’re in the mood for an adventure? Download the Geocaching app immediately.

Geocaching is the ultimate treasure hunt, and is available everywhere in the world. Use any GPS-enabled device, like your cell phone, to find a hidden geocache, or treasure, at a “mystery” location.

Geocaches are containers that contain a logbook and items that people who previously found it, left there for the next adventurer to discover.

The idea is to search for this container, which might range in size from a film canister to a large bucket, sign the logbook, take something from the container and leave something else behind.

People have been geocaching from the early 2000s and even South Africa has a substantial amount of hidden “vaults” now. So, get hunting!

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If you’re looking for the cheapest flights between Joburg and Cape Town, via OR Tambo or Lanseria to Cape Town International Airport, Flapp is the app to help you out.

Flapp uses real time prices to list the most affordable flights as they are released. You can book for the same day, or 7 days in advance, and also do the payment online immediately, which makes Flapp the single most convenient booking app in South Africa today.

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When visiting a new place, it’s always nice to have a guide to point out the hidden gems you need to look out for. VoiceMap is exactly that.

This app offers a walking audio “guide” that automatically activates with your device’s GPS to not only give you details about the place you’re visiting, but also directions as you walk.

Using your device’s GPS, this is accurate to at least 15 metres, which means you’re receiving real-time information.

In South Africa you can use VoiceMap when visiting Cape Town, Johannesburg, Overberg, the Cape Winelands and Hermanus.

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South Africa is a multilingual country. At some point during your travels you might run into someone who doesn’t speak your language fluently. This is where Aweza is great.

With this app you can brush up on your knowledge of our 11 official languages and engage in conversation with all of your countrymen. Translations on this app are almost entirely user-generated.

Simply choose your home language, see translations in every other South African language, and start talking.

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Africa: Live

South Africa is known across the globe for its rich and diverse wildlife. Africa: Live incorporates information from an area to give you an idea of which animals you might be seeing. You can also add your own sightings to let others know what the bush has to offer.

Offline maps can be used for game drives in areas without cell phone reception, and you can even listen to audio from a real game ranger to guide you on your trip through the bundus.

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The best thing about all these apps, other than them being entirely free, is that they all conveniently fit in your back pocket. Did someone say “road trip”?

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