From firelighters to Christmas crackers and table decorations, used toilet rolls can be recycled and repurposed in many ways. Stop throwing away your toilet rolls and recycle them to make useful items to use around the house. Here are 11 creative ideas for recycling old toilet rolls:

1. Decorate a used toilet roll and use it as a place to keep your pens for your shopping list.

2. Start collecting toilet rolls and have the whole family chime in and decorate them to make homemade Christmas crackers during the festive season.

3. Looking for unique themed holders for cutlery? Decorate toilet rolls in any way you like and wow your dinner guests.

4. Toilet rolls can be used to make quaint little gift boxes for small gifts.

5. Make your garden an Eden for birds by repurposing a toilet roll as a bird feeder. It’s as easy as spreading honey onto the toilet roll and dipping it in seeds. Finish off with a ribbon and hang in a tree for birds to enjoy.

6. If you or your kids have a collection of dinky cars, used toilet rolls in a wooden box makes a lovely little parking garage.

7. Messy cables can be infuriating, but a decorated toilet roll can be used to clear up the clutter and keep your OCD at bay.

8. There are few things more frustrating than looking for a pen or pencil. Use toilet rolls to keep your writing instruments sorted.

9. Use the toilet rolls you didn’t use for the Christmas crackers to keep your wrapping paper organised and ready for when you need to use it again.

10. Despite being the braai capital of the world, there always seems to be a shortage of firelighters in South African households. Not to worry – stuffing the fluff from your washing machine into a toilet roll and wrapping this in newspaper will work as well as any store-bought igniter.

11. Make a gift calendar to count down to Christmas or keep the kids entertained during the school holidays. Put small trinkets or sweets into repurposed toilet rolls and mount them on a piece of cardboard. If the kids have been good, they’re allowed to open it and get their gift.

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