The president and co-founder of Coursera, Daphne Koller, recently said in an interview that the digital economy demands that learning not stop when you finish your secondary, or even tertiary education.

Whilst a degree might still be the foundation to a better career and a better salary, what you learnt at university will not necessarily be relevant in 15 years’ time, which is why Coursera encourages a lifetime of learning, says Koller.

Consider the knowledge and skills that you acquired when you were a student. Chances are that many of these are not relevant in your current work environment. The growth of the internet has ignited the spark of a revolution in the way we work today, and also in the way we learn.

If you sometimes find yourself out of your depth at work, or think you need new skills to pursue your calling in life, have a look at these online institutions of learning where you can sharpen your skills for free:

1. Degreed

Combining various online platforms, Degreed offers thousands of courses on a variety of subjects. For free, forever.

2. Academic Earth

Started on the premise that everyone deserves access to world-class education, Academic Earth brings you curated free courses on a variety of subjects from such institutions of higher learning as Harvard and MIT.

3. Highbrow

If time is a scarce commodity for you (together with actual cash), Highbrow offers you free 10-day courses, broken up into bite-sized 5-minute daily lessons.

Free online courses

4. CourseBuffet

CourseBuffet is ideal if you’re interested in broadening your academic horizons, but stumped by the sheer amount of information available. CourseBuffet gives you a breakdown of courses, also explaining which courses are the rough equivalent to courses offered at universities.

5. Alison

The world’s top publishers offer free courses to 7 million regular users – why don’t you join them?

6. Khan Academy

Taking an approach from school level right up to tertiary courses, Khan Academy has an assortment of courses on numerous subjects.

It might sound like a cliché, but you really can’t afford to stop learning. And if it’s for free, what’s your excuse not to?

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