At Counting Coins, we often emphasise the importance of using all the resources at your exposure that can assist you with creating a plan for wealth and financial freedom, from books and movies to apps and podcasts. Another resource you can utilise to gather financial information (besides subscribing to the Counting Coins newsletter  ), is TED Talks. TED Talks often demonstrate new alternatives for old ideas.

Here are 5 TED Talks about money that every budgeteer should watch:

1. The future of money by Neha Narula

Neha is described as a Currency Futurist. In this very informative talk she describes a world powered by digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


2. Why you should know how much your co-workers get paid by David Burkus

This is an interesting thought. It is generally accepted that colleagues do not know how much everyone in the company is being paid. According the David Burkus, this needs to change.


3. Why giving away our wealth has been the most satisfying thing we’ve done by Bill and Melinda Gates

I am a strong believer that part of financial success and freedom is paying it forward. Sure, we do not all have as much as Bill and Melinda to give, but even small acts of kindness will turn the odds in your favour.


4. The battle between your present and future self by Daniel Goldstein

Daniel is a Behavioural Economist, and in this Ted Talks he explains how the decisions you make today can impact your tomorrow. He aims to assist people to make better decisions for their future self.


5. How to speak up for yourself by Adam Galinsky

As easy as this might sound, it is probably one of the hardest things to do. The ability to stand up and speak out is one of the biggest obstacles holding most of us back. This is a very informative talk to help you expand your personal power.

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Enrique is the eternal entrepreneur: his first venture was selling off his parents’ household goods at bargain prices to their neighbours at age seven. All other endeavours thus far have been entirely above board.

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