We all go to work to make money to pay our bills, but somehow we end up spending money while we do this.

This might sound unlikely, but think of the things you spend money on while at work. Do you need your daily cappuccino to get the juices flowing? Or do you like to order in lunch? These are unnecessary expenses that eat away at your budget.

Here’s what to do to cut your office hour spending:

1. Substitute your daily cappuccino

The average price for a cappuccino at the places I frequent is about R20. Say you have one a day at the office, you end up spending R400 a month over 20 working days. That’s a lot of money.

You can substitute your café-bought cappuccino with instant ones. A pack of 10 instant cappuccinos usually costs around R50. If you have one a day, you will need two packs a month. That comes to R100, which means a R300 saving for you. You can even have two cappuccinos a day for R200 a month, still saving R200.

2. Bring your own lunch

It’s nice to have something tasty for lunch, but ordering in can end up costing a lot of money. Add up how much your daily lunch is costing you over a month, you might be shocked.

If you cook an extra portion at dinner, you can pack your own tasty lunch. You can also make yourself tasty a sandwich or salad, both of which are healthy and quick to prepare. You can end up saving hundreds of rands a month by simply packing your own lunch.

3. Carpool

Ask around in the office if anyone lives in your area. If you find someone, propose carpooling to and from work.

With petrol prices continuing to rise, finding a way to reduce your usage is smart and practical.

You can come to an arrangement that suits everyone involved. For example, take turns to drive to work and home in each of your cars in alternative weeks. This way everyone gets their fair share in using and saving petrol money.

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Ula Van Zyl

Ula van Zyl is a sub-editor at a major news outlet. She has been a bibliophile since she could recognise the little squiggly things as letters and words. Ula is the person you want to have on your pub quiz team, but is, unfortunately, already committed to a team at present.

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