You can dress for success without breaking the bank. Have a look at the list below to find tips that will help you save money on clothing.

1. Air-dry your clothes outside instead of in a dryer. This will not only save electricity, but your clothes will last longer.

2. Turn your clothes inside-out when drying them outside to prevent whitening.

Tips to save money on clothes

3. Don’t throw something out just because it has a hole or is missing a button. Anyone can learn how to make a basic     patch or sew on a button. You can also upcycle your old clothes into completely different items.

4. You can arrange monthly parties with close friends to exchange accessories, or even clothing. This way you can have a new wardrobe every month.

5. Make sure to buy timeless pieces of clothing at the end of each season. Thus, buy some winter clothes (for next year) at the end of this winter. When the season turns, or when it is out of season, clothing is normally sold at reduced prices, which means you can pick up a bargain or two. You also won’t need to go into a wardrobe panic when the season rolls around again as you will already have base items.

6. Stick to solid colours instead of prints. Solid colours do not date as quickly as prints, and can be perked up with accessories to complement new fashion trends.

7. Try to not buy clothes that require dry cleaning, especially dresses and jackets. Frequently needing to dry clean your clothes can become very expensive.

Dry clean only, save on clothes

8. Calculate purchases in hours. For example, if you’re buying a new dress, how many hours do you think you’ll wear it? If you will only be wearing it to one event of roughly 6 hours and the dress costs R600, you are paying R100 per hour to wear it. Is it worth it? This might make you think twice before cashing out for an expensive outfit.

9. Decide on your “look”. Changing your style frequently might be fun and exciting, but it also costs a lot. Owning a few timeless basics is a good start. You can change your look with a few new items and accessories rather than an entirely new wardrobe.

Decide on your look and save money on clothes

10. Hunt through your parents’ or grandparents’ wardrobe from yesteryear for forgotten treasures. Retro items of clothing and accessories are back in style, and who doesn’t like vintage?

11. Protect your clothes and take proper care of them. When you pack away your clothes at the end of the season, store them in vacuumed bags.

12. Make sure you need it before you buy it. A general rule is that, if you buy a new piece of clothing, it should go with at least three different outfits you already own.

13. Avoid buying items that are very similar. Before buying something, ask yourself if you don’t already have items like it.

14. Accessories can make new outfits. You can wear the same outfit in a various different styles just by changing the accessories. This is also true for guys. Invest in different, belts, socks and ties to change up your wardrobe.

15. Be careful of buying clothes on credit. It is not that difficult to get a clothing account, and it is even less difficult to get into major debt because of it. As far as possible, try to avoid shopping for fashion on credit.

16. Don’t fear the hand-me-down!

You must be a weasley

17. Invest in some wooden hangers. Wire hangers can stretch and damage your clothes.

18. Try on new clothes in the store before buying them. Don’t assume it will fit, just to get home and discover it doesn’t. If you have to exchange it you will spend extra money on fuel, and if you don’t exchange it, it will be a waste of money.

Woman Trying on clothes

19. Avoid shopping for special occasions at the last minute. If you are desperate and in a hurry for an outfit for an event, you might end up spending more, or buying something you won’t necessarily wear again.

20. Clean out your closet regularly. By going through your clothes regularly you might discover items you’ve forgotten about and get a better understanding of what you really need.

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