Mindy Crary takes a fresh approach to personal finance in her book Personal finance that doesn’t suck. Like most personal finance advisors, she points out that the first step to financial recovery is knowing exactly what your current income, expenses, assets and debt looks like. After finding clarity, it is time to formulate and implement your financial strategy.

Here are some of the best quotes from Personal finance that doesn’t suck:


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2. “You really can’t move forward with a successful money life until you make peace with your money past.”

3. “You’re going to be happier and get more done around money work if you ignore what everyone else is doing.”

4. “If you try to compare yourself with everyone else and keep up with the Joneses, you’ll own a house you don’t like, spend too much on the wrong things and have really trendy shoes that pinch your feet.”

5. “If you have the vision, you have the means to get there.”


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8. “You can map a route to your goal or your dreams, but you’ve always going to need to adjust and adapt when the terrain or the tide changes.”

9. “Taking responsibility for where you are right now and continuing to take responsibility is essential to building better wealth habits.”

10. “Sometimes the plan that got you to point A is not going to get you to point B. Rather than giving up altogether, you can create a new plan. Just like that! (That’s why there are 25 more letters in the alphabet.)”

11. “Chances are, if you’re feeling defeated and hopeless, it’s one area of your life that’s driving the bus and not the entire contents of the bus that you’re upset about.”


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13. “If you leak money when you don’t have much, you’ll still leak money when you have a lot.”

14. “The more you know what you want in life, the easier it is to make money.”

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