So you’ve finished reading the entire Game of Thrones series. You’re a walking spoiler alert and it’s all you can muster not to blabber about who’s dying next as soon as anyone following the television series starts talking about it.

Wouldn’t it just be better for all involved to do something constructive with these books and recycle them? Not only will this turn your old books into something beautiful, it will also take your mind off the intricate plot lines.

Who knows, you might just forget the spoilers altogether, and still have friends at the end of it all!

1. Books as bookshelves

Do you have a set of old encyclopedias lying around the house?

These could make great floating bookshelves for all the literature that is actually still relevant in the Age of the Internet. And it looks great. Check this out:

Books used as bookshelves

Books used as bookshelves

2. Confetti

If you’re getting married soon, the pages from old books make unique confetti.

Get a heart-shaped paper punch from any good stationery store and start punching away. Your wedding pictures will be beautiful.

Recycled books used as confetti at wedding.

Recycled books used as confetti at wedding.

3. Bookish Christmas Tree

With the festive season not too far off, why not fashion the pages from old books into a very unusual and super easy-to-make Christmas tree?

Just rolling and stacking the pages makes for a different take on the traditional three-dimensional tree, and won’t take up too much space in a tiny apartment.

To add to the effect, cut star shapes from the pages of old books and make a lovely paper wreath to match.


4. Gift tags and gift wrapping paper

While we’re talking about gifts, the pages from old books also work well as gift tags for any special occasion.

Incorporating an old page into your wrapping paper adds a unique, vintage touch, and puts store-bought wrapping paper or gift bags to shame.

5. iPod dock or cell phone charging station

Simply drilling a hole through an old book conceals the wire of your cell phone’s charger. A beautiful charging station that looks right at home on your bedside table will prompt all your friends to ask where you got it.

6. A place to put your plants

Cutting a hole into an old book and lining it with plastic turns an unread, obsolete piece of literature into a quirky pot for the succulent on your desk.

7. Tablet Case

What an excellent combination of old and new technology. Cut a hole, the size of your tablet, into an old book. Chances are, it’s the last place thieves would look to steal.

Book recycled into tablet case

From: Ecofriend

8. Jewellery box

By the same measure, a musty book is an inconspicuous, albeit a beautiful place to store your valuables. Just cut a decent hole in a thick book and you’re good to go.

Book recycled into jewellery box

From: Ecofriend

9. Recycle by sharing

If the idea of destroying a perfectly good book to make something new gives you the willies, there’s always the option of donating your old books to the local library or charity shop.

You can also swap them out with friends, or just leave them on a park bench somewhere for someone to find.


And then, of course, you could also…

10. Fashion your books into a throne, à la GoT.

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