With Halloween around the corner, you can find inspiration for last-minute, cheap and hassle-free costumes from some of our favourite movie and television characters.

Here are our top 10 favourite no-fuss Halloween costumes, as seen on television:

1. Picasso’s Blue Period

In the Star Wars-obsessed Fanboys, Zoe shows art can be the best (and easiest) Halloween costume, with her interpretation of Picasso’s Blue Period. All you need is blue dye and tampons.

1 Picasso's blue period

2. Law suit

In the classic Philadelphia, lawyer Joe Miller fastened to what he knows. He stuck laws and bills onto his suit, becoming the ultimate law suit.

2 Law suit

3. Murderer?

Creepy Creed from The Office might not have planned this blood-splattered “costume”, but it worked out pretty well.

3 Murderer

4. White trash

In Celeste and Jesse Forever, Celeste goes to a party wearing a white trash bag and introduces herself as white trash, reflecting her down-in-the-dumps mood. Cheap, quick and effective.

4 White trash

5. Blown away weatherman

Laid-back Bobby decides to keep it effortless as a blown away weatherman in Cougar Town.

5 Blown away weather ma

6. Three hole punch

Jim Halpert from The Office set the bar for no-fuss witty Halloween costumes. This is his homage to everyone’s favourite office supply item, the three hole punch.

6 Three hole punch

7. God

A Halloween costume doesn’t get easier than this. Oz, the chilled out rocker from Buffy the Vampire Slayer complements his zen, all-knowing personality by going as God to Willow’s Joan of Arc. And if you don’t believe him, just check his nametag.

7 Oz

8. Facebook/Book face

Another Halpert winner – Facebook or Book face. Very easy to execute.

8 Facebook

9. Ring girl

After a slight misunderstanding about costume genres, Annie from Community dressed up as the girl from The Ring. All you need is dirty hair and beige cloth.

9 Ring girl

10. Cereal killer

In Celeste and Jesse Forever, Paul dresses up as a cereal killer without much trouble. Awesome pun intended. All you need is a box of cereal and a knife or two.

10 Cereal killer

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