In case you’ve forgotten, it’s Father’s Day this coming Sunday. Are you running low on cash to get your dad something? For most of us it’s still a week before payday, and budgets might be tight. Luckily you don’t have to spend a fortune to show your dad you care.

Spoil your father by making him a special, unique and personalised Father’s Day card – that is also budget-friendly.

Here are 10 ideas:

1. A card that says it like it is

An used jar becomes a card and a gift altogether. Fill it with MnM’s and tag it to tell your dad exactly what you think of him. Lovingly.

2. Hook, line and sinker with this fishing card

Is your dad an avid fisherman? Then he’ll love this fishing-themed card.

3. iDolise him with this Apple-themed card

Perfect for the techy dad. Or ironic if he’s less techy.

4. Keep it short and sweet

This card doesn’t require too much craftiness on your part.

5. Tell him he’s still your superhero

What a great take on Clark Kent’s most famous move. Your dad will love this.

6. Because he IS your father

Did you get your love of Star Wars from your dad? He’ll flip over this Darth Vader card.

7. Because your dad is Mr. Dependable

Don’t pretend like these words have never been true. You know, and he knows.

8. Take the humble approach

Simple but true, it helps to thank your dad for his part in your awesomeness.

9. Make a memory

This card doubles as a photo frame. Insert your favorite photo of the two of you and watch him tear up as he opens it. If your dad loves Scrabble (and you’re a girl), this is perfect.

10. For the distinguished dad

He’s always been the perfect gentleman. Say thank you by decorating some bow tie pasta to make this quaint card.

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Angie Gallagher is a freelance writer in the Upper Karoo. Aside from writing content for Counting Coins, Angie has tried her hand at a few juvenile attempts at poetry filled with storms and stress, and a marginally successful radio station, Radio Grootoor, recorded on cassette tapes when she was ten.

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