Are your books piling up with nowhere to go? You can build your own bookshelves and perk up your home without spending a ton of cash.

Here are 10 easy-to-do creative ideas for DIY bookshelves:

1. Leather and wood shelves

These beautiful shelves are made from old belts and wooden planks, and are super easy to make. Do you like a vintage look? The more worn the belts and the older the wood, the better the effect.

Affordable Bookshelves

2. Invisible bookshelves

These easy-to-install bookshelves can work in any room in your home. Once they are installed and filled with books, you won’t even see them.

3. Crates and boxes bookshelves

By staining or painting a few wooden boxes and stacking them in different ways you can create an eye-catching home for your books.

4. Crutch and planks bookshelves

If you happen to have an old pair of wooden crutches lying around, or if you know where to find some, you can create these unique feature bookshelves. Much the same effect can be achieved by replacing the crutches with a ladder.

Affordable Bookshelves

From: Mamejanes

5. Buckets of books

You can use old plastic buckets or containers to create funky, feature bookshelves. Old paint buckets work very well.

Affordable Bookshelves

From: Ohohblog

6. Bookshelf on wheels

If you have limited space but need room for storage, these bookshelf carts are ideal. They are very industrial chic, and you can build them to suit your spatial needs.

Affordable Bookshelves

7. Bookshelf swings

These whimsical hanging bookshelves will add an artsy touch to any room in your home – and they’re so easy to make.

Affordable Bookshelves

From: Homedit

8. Stacked glass bottle bookshelves

You can use glass bottles and wooden planks to make a unique bookcase. Add your own flair by painting the planks or using different coloured bottles.

9. Ladder shelves

All you need to create this eye-catching display bookshelf is an old wooden ladder and some time. You can paint it in different colours to suit your style, or keep it vintage.

10. Drawer shelves

Turn old drawers into funky bookshelves. Paint, stain or add vintage handles to give it your own twist.

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